Monday, November 30, 2009

2 Weeks of Cohen...

I am going to try to put up some pictures we have taken so far of Cohen. I plan to be caught up by the end of this week. Needless to say we don't have a lot of free time to do such frivolous things such as get on the Internet. Haha! Cohen has blessed our lives! Here are some of my favorite pictures of his first 2 weeks. There are thousands more but since I have a lot to catch up on I decided to edit. Sorry!

Cohen and mommy getting ready to go home from the hospital.

We are waiting for the car to be brought around front.
(Love my big cup I claimed from the hospital!!)

This was right after we got home (he always has his tongue out... loves it!)

His first visitors were the Easons (Carter looks super interested)
While I was pregnant I told Carter "Look at what a big boy Cohen is!" to explain my ever expanding self. It really make an impression on him because when he saw him he said "Mommy, Cohen's a big boy" Haha! Love that kid!

Also there for a visit is Aunt Beebo and Uncle Yar. (aka. Bethany and Shawn)

Quiet time with mommy, he looks so sweet

He was a permanent fixture next to the window in the living room due to jaundice. The majority of his pictures are in this same place. Look how big his feet are!

My dad (I don't think we've come up with a name for him yet, I think it may be Grandpa)

Cohen's first bath

He was cold

We tried to have our own photo session.... needless to say it did NOT go well. He screamed through the entire thing. This is the best we got. This is the day I realized we needed professional help. Haha, I'll post those soon, fortunately they turned out awesome!

And in front of the infamous window again. He looks so much bigger already.
Teaser*-Next post will include Halloween and his adorable doggy costume!!
Much love, hope I'm not lying about posting the rest of the pictures but you know how it goes...I still have to finish decorating for Christmas, at least I got the tree up!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cohen's Birthday

We are so happy to announce the birth of our son, Cohen John Bruner, at 7:55p.m. on Thursday, October 15th. He weighed 7lbs. 3oz. and was 19 3/4 in. long. He has daddy's eyes and mommy's mouth. Everyone thinks he looks like both of us. There were tons of family and friends there to greet him when he arrived! He is one loved child!

Here is the story of his birthday..

I went in to be induced Wednesday night at 5p.m. to start the Cervadil. The next morning they gave me a short break (just long enough to shower and fix my face, since I was well aware of the many pictures to come). They started the Pitocin at 7:30a.m. and the contractions started. I was dilated to a 1 or a 2 by 10:30 (I was at a 1 when I came in the night before) so Dr. Allen broke my water to start things up a bit. As I was breathing through the contractions on a birthing ball on the floor the nurse came in and asked me about getting the epidural. I told her I wanted to wait a little longer but I didn't know how much longer (I didn't want the labor to slow, since I still had a long way to go.) She then informed me the anesthesiologist was about to go in for a C section and it was either now or in an hour. So I decided now was good with me. So a little before 1:00 I got the epidural. It was such a relief but I had a spot in the left side of my stomach that was still feeling contractions. It was frustrating but at least they weren't full on anymore. By 1:30 I was dilated to a 3, at 3:15 I was at a 5. We were having trouble detecting the baby's heartbeat with the external monitor so they put one on his head to get a better read. At 3:50 I was almost at 6, and at 5:05 I was at an 8. At 6:30 I was a 9 1/2. The doctor came back to check me at 7:40 and I was still the same. She said I could try pushing through the last bit of the cervix (I think doubting my strength) and it turns out I am a good pusher! I only had to push about 10 times and Cohen was here! It was so amazing, I burst into tears immediately. Michael and I were both in such awe of the whole thing. It was very surreal. He is literally the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I am so happy and lucky to have such a wonderful little gift from God I get to hold in my arms everyday. Here is a mini picture story from that day.

So here I am shortly after getting my epidural...feeling much better. Although the anesthesiologist poked the needle more into my right side. I had a semi-paralyzed right eye (no I'm not winking) and could NOT move my right leg to save my life.

A family of two...not for much longer!!

While I was overly numb on my right side, my left was still feeling the contractions...

It's almost time to push!!

Cohen's first breath, the best moment of my life!

What a proud daddy

Trying out those lungs...

Getting warm...

Sweet baby boy

He loves his daddy too...

My first time to cuddle him...

The audience...I've never seen such a bunch of bawl bags! Haha, I'm so glad they were able to share in such a special moment.

Our family of three...

With Daddy in the nursery...

I will post more from his first week at home tomorrow hopefully. (Of course, this all depends on how Cohen sleeps tonight)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cohen's Nursery!

We are on our way to the hospital to be induced! We'll keep everyone posted!! Here are the pictures of the nursery.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Excuses Excuses...

I have decided that I am a terrible blogger. I think a lot of it is that I have a very short attention span combined with jet lag and a little exhaustion. I have every intention of telling you how our vacation was illustrated beautifully with pictures but with over 800 picutures taken in a week editing these down will be quite a feat that honestly my poor brain and body cannot seem to manage such and undertaking this week. I will tie you over with my Belly Tuesday from San Francisco last week(that's what I'm calling them now, since it seems to be my day to blog and therefore requires a belly picture). I skipped this week again for reasons previously mentioned...oh well. We had a really good time on our trip and saw just about everything there was to see in lovely San Fran. I will take you on a tour soon (We are still trying to locate some missing pictures from our 1st day-don't ask). It was a much needed break from this HOT HOT Texas heat. I will get back in the swing of things soon though, I hope! I am fearing that this might have more to do with the third trimester that anything else but hopefully will not persist. I have so much to do still! I have signed up for all of my childbirth education classes to prepare for Cohen and have my every growing list of things to do around the house. We have a couple of pieces of furniture for his room now but I am very anxious about getting everything done. Only 10 weeks to go and my Dr. wants me done in 6! Oh my! Oh me!

Week 28 in front of the "Painted Ladies"

(For all of you Full House fans, do these look familiar??)

I forgot to mention that we got a 4D ultrasound done this week!! I posted a few of my favorites below. Meet our little man!!

He slept through the entire thing!

He looks just like Michael in this one!!

Sweet little feet!

I love his big lips in this one!

We love you already!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

California Dreaming...

Well, as most of you have mentioned I skipped my blog this week :( I want to apologize to those 2 of you out there (you know who you are) that have nothing better to do than to stalk my blog. Haha! At least someone is interested in my ramblings that I admit take a long time after redrafting at least 3 times. So the reason for this (hopefully one time) oversight is because we are going on vacation next week and the planning has consumed my very being!!! (I am a huge planner, almost to a fault) Oh, I am so excited!! Firstly, because I have been hoarding vacation for my maternity leave and I'm desperate for some time away from work. (Is saving 4 days considered hoarding?...I guess when you only get 10 a year it is.) Secondly, we are going to San Francisco! I have never been to California, or even west of Colorado for that matter and I can't wait (especially for the drastically cooler weather... I'm already starting to swell.) My Uncle John lives there so my entire family is going, well a ton of them anyways. We are doing everything under the sun (and hopefully not too much fog) and I will be sure to over document the occasion with excessive pictures as usual. I will try to blog throughout the week while the rest of my family plays games (unless it is a good one, I'm not a fan of Risk). If not I will leave one slamming post when I get back! Try not to miss me too much!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This weekend my goal was to tackle painting Cohen's room and while we had the brushes out I figured we would paint the entryway as well. We had a long day of working and a wedding to attend (in Denton by the way...ugg) so Saturday was out as far as getting anything accomplished goes. We went ahead and bought the paint supplies we would need that night so we could have everything ready when people arrived to partake in the paint party. We didn't actually buy the paint though since we were unsure of what exactly to buy so inevitably we had to go again on Sunday morning anyway. We did pick out colors so it wasn't a complete waste. Everyone came to help so we were sure it wouldn't take that long to get everything done...6 people and at least 8 hours later we were done. It looks so good if I do say so myself! Oh by the way Michael cooked everyone a lovely and delicious dinner while we worked on the paint (he had been previously banned for not being as anal...errr...I mean particular as I would have liked.) My next project, in between finishing up previous unfinished projects is to reorganize the kitchen, pantry, and laundry room as well as redo a lamp!

I love this color! It was a putrid yellow when we moved in 2 years ago but it was something I decided I could live with for a while (there were more urgent matters to attend to such as borders in the kitchen and bathroom and an awful blue denim room). I actually had no idea I truly hated it as much as I did until we painted it. I could cry it looks so much better. It actually feels like our home now.

I have to say though, that yellow sure was hard to paint over! It took 2 coats of a very thick paint. Bethany and Shawn kept calling it yogurt.

I am so excited Cohen's room is finally painted!! I love how good the colors came out. Mind you it was a hunter green before (also a little treat from the previous owners, but it was our "office" so we didn't care enough to paint it) which was also fun to paint over 15 times. I had nothing to do with this room, but my dad and my sister both rocked out the freehand and did all the trim work with no taping...impressive!

Thanks Bethany (and Shawn) for staying after 9 to paint the final trim coats since I couldn't get up on the ladder to do it myself.

That wall is actually navy if you can't tell from the pictures. We are going to paint stripes on it next (hopefully next weekend). The stripes will be the same color of navy but will be a matte finish. I hope it will be a subtle effect, but not invisible. I will try to post pictures of that when we get it done, if they show up. Keep your fingers crossed!

Week 26

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Doctors, glucose test, and the scale...oh my!!

Well I decided that I would write this little post to vent a little frustration (mostly at myself). I had my monthly doctors appointment today. I knew that taking my weight was first (I don't keep a scale at home so this is always a surprise). My May doctors visit I had only gained a whole 3 pounds since Jan. so I was thinking...hey...this is going to be a piece of cake. So I guess I jinxed myself because my appetite came back in full force and I gained a whopping 8 pounds at my June doctors visit. So that last appointment freaked me out and I started snacking on fruit and veggies instead of carb filled favorites. I guess I thought that small change would do the trick but when I went in for my July appointment today...BAM!...another 7 pounds! My goodness! So after that I had to guzzle a bottle of fruit punch flavored nast so they could take my blood an hour later to see if I am diabetic. Yeah, weigh a girl and then give her a bottle of sugar! What are they thinking? So I am officially freaking out and have decided that working out is going to be a must. Time to dust off the ol' elliptical (like I told you before I'm not much for the heat so going for a stroll in the park doesn't sound that good to me). So tonight I will me starting a daily workout routine with a light 30 minute walk on the eliptical followed by prenatal yoga (I bought the video after my 8 lb gain but obviously didn't think it was too urgent.) Fortunately Michael is super sweet and said that he would come up and lift weights while I did the elliptical to keep me company. He is always so encouraging and sweet. Everyone tells me not to worry but I do not want to be the size of a whale when I deliver this baby. Just pray with me that my weight gain will begin to level out to a more healthy rate of a pound a week. Ok, now that I vented I am off to the grocery store to by more fruits and veggies.