Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Belly

Here is the weekly update on the belly...

Week 24

Tattoed belly! (I was feeling sassy)

Soccer and whatnot...

We started this weekend in The Colony with a little soccer (Michael not me, of course). He had a 9:00 game which didn't seem so bad so I decided to go support him and see him score some goals (which were a little elusive.) I ended up as the team photographer, but it kept my short attention span zoomed in on the game (no pun intended). I got to practice using our new camera with some cool action shots. My sister, Bethany, and her husband Shawn drove over from Frisco to watch with me. I always enjoy hanging out with them and it gave me someone to talk to. Here are the best of the million pictures I took (remember I said practice taking pictures.)

Saturday while I was at work, (for those of you that don't know, I work every Saturday morning) I started thinking of the ever-growing list of things that need to be done before Cohen comes. So I did what I do best...I made lists. (I know, a little type A) I made a list of everything that needs to get done and how many weekends we have until I'm due. I then plugged in the things to do to the remaining weekends. It made me feel much better that I could actually see that we really do have plenty of time to get everything done. So I called my mom, my go to girl, to help me out on Sunday. (Michael had soccer practice and had to work that afternoon.) The plan for this weekend was to get batteries for the smoke detectors and install (*side note on this matter below), clean out Cohen's room (some more), sell the futon that was in there on Craigslist, and do some organizational work on his closet. We were able to get everything done which I am so grateful for. We sold the futon for my full asking price (sweet!) and they came and picked it up the same day that I posted it!! This was my first experience selling anything on Craigslist so I was a little leary. Thankfully they were a really nice couple and not crazies who wanted to come rob and kill us. We did get off easy on the closet though since I found these awesome wire basket drawer things at Lowe's! I know his dresser will not have enough room for everything and really wanted drawers so yay! Problem solved and they were easy to put together, or at least it looked easy, my mom did it. Haha! I sure sound lazy huh? Here are some pictures of the closet... all I need now is a double bar for extra hanging room.

I can even put a little lamp or something on the top!!

There are a few things in there.

Some of the clothes we got already, thanks in large part to the kindess of Aunt Lori and Baby Gap.

(Thanks Lori!)

Next weekend...finish the under the stairs closet that still looks exactly as it did last time you saw it...ugg.

*Side note on the smoke detectors- Ok so 5 out of our 7 smoke detectors were non-functional. When Michael hears them beep in the middle of the night (is it a requirement for the batteries to die while you are sleeping? It has to be...) he just gets up and yanks out the batteries or just pulls them off the ceiling (bless his heart he needs his beauty sleep) and since we don't keep a stash of 9volts around they just never got replaced. I guess I just sleep through all the commotion since I wasn't aware of our dire situation. So as I was looking around the other day I noticed how many we actually had down! Thank the Lord our house hasn't caught on fire!! It's all good now though and I even bought some extras so our little game of Russian Roulette can end.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

We had a good Father's Day weekend with family. My stepbrother, Jacob, and his wife Annie came into town from Fayetteville, AR and brought along Grandma Lois and cousin Alex. We went over to my mom's house to visit everyone on Saturday and were going to cook out. Jimmy even got a new grill set from my sister. We were have technical difficulties and the gas wasn't working so we ended up ordering some Spring Creek BBQ (always a hit) and since those Arkansans hadn't had the pleasure of tasting the heaven that is Spring Creek, we were more than happy to introduce them to it. Yum! After we ate we had a night of Guitar Hero and Mario Cart. Here are some funny pics of everyone super into the festivities. Haha!

The whole gang!

Shawn, Bethany, and Alex with Mario cart


Michael patiently waiting his turn

Even Jimmy and Grandma Lois were into it!

My mom and Jimmy laying out the spread.

Bethany and Shawn's adorable dog, Layla getting a little forbidden treat!

(This was actually done in secret, Bethany will die when she sees this!)

So after a fun night of Wii, we had church the next morning so we headed home. It was our day to bring breakfast to BFG and we are not early risers. We were not going to get out the door by the original time we had decided on so we ran frantically to the closest donut shop across from our house and ran frantically to church. Michael dropped me off at the door so he could park and I could run the donuts up to class and I ran up and...nothing. The door was closed, the lights were off... Was I in the wrong place? So I called Lori and asked if we were having class in the same place and she said yes that I was just early...whew after all that we beat everyone there. That never happens. After church we went to Bedford to meet Michael's brother, Marcus and his wife Stephanie and their 3 girls and Michael's dad for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Then we went back to Mom and Jimmy's house to see off our Arkansas family. Then the boys went to the PGA superstore and the girls had a nice afternoon of mani/pedis. We had a really good weekend and were really glad to see some of our Arkansas fam!

Here is my belly picture for week 23:

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Warriors

We have officially started our first construction project on our house. With the baby coming soon, I have been cleaning out the closet in his room. It has been a huge storage closet for us and now that we don't have a place to throw all of our junk, I knew we needed to find more storage. We had been talking about building a closet in the space under our stairs. It is beyond me why the builders decided to drywall over all this precious storage space! So Saturday afternoon my mom and Jimmy (my stepdad) came over to start this weekend warrior project. We spent most of our day in Lowe's trying to solve the delima of the short door. So after we decided that having a custom door built for a closet was a ridiculious idea (and would take more time), we decided to cut the door off at the bottom to fit. Makes sense, although, the doorknob is 4 inches shorter than the rest of the doorknobs in the house. Oh well, it really was the best solution. Michael and our friend Nicky had both arrived to help Jimmy (b/c he really was the only one doing anything...I play the pregnancy card more than I should). It was a sight to see 3 grown men trying to get this door in and making it square at that! They did such a great job! I am so proud of those sweet boys and so greatful that they built me a closet even though I didn't help. I am posting pictures of the door where there was only drywall before and the bare bones of the closet. Now all we need is molding, paint, drywall, and carpet...so much for weekend warriors, this is going to take forever! My dad is coming over on Wednesday to help Michael hang drywall. I'll keep you posted.

How professional!

Look at that gorgeous storage!!

And the door opens beautifully!

We're Here!

So I finally decided to be like everyone else and start a blog. I am hoping now that I am pregnant we will have something to talk about soon. We are very excited to be welcoming the very first addition to our family! We are going to have a baby boy sometime around October 15th of this year! We have decided to name him Cohen John. Cohen is a name that we like and John is Michael's first name as well as his beloved Popa's, John William Cochran. I have registered a few places already (I know it's early but I couldn't help myself). I have been really lucky to have an easy pregnancy so far and can't wait until the little man gets here! We have been taking belly pictures every week (well we missed 2 and started at 18, but we had good intentions) so I will post them here so everyone can see how big he is getting...err..I'm getting.

Also I'm so excited that my little cousin Nichole had a baby girl a couple of hours ago, little Sophia Elizabeth Barton. She was 6lbs. 12oz. and is so cute! I can't wait to meet her!

And speaking of babies... here are some belly pictures!

18 Weeks

19 Weeks

22 Weeks