Friday, July 24, 2009

California Dreaming...

Well, as most of you have mentioned I skipped my blog this week :( I want to apologize to those 2 of you out there (you know who you are) that have nothing better to do than to stalk my blog. Haha! At least someone is interested in my ramblings that I admit take a long time after redrafting at least 3 times. So the reason for this (hopefully one time) oversight is because we are going on vacation next week and the planning has consumed my very being!!! (I am a huge planner, almost to a fault) Oh, I am so excited!! Firstly, because I have been hoarding vacation for my maternity leave and I'm desperate for some time away from work. (Is saving 4 days considered hoarding?...I guess when you only get 10 a year it is.) Secondly, we are going to San Francisco! I have never been to California, or even west of Colorado for that matter and I can't wait (especially for the drastically cooler weather... I'm already starting to swell.) My Uncle John lives there so my entire family is going, well a ton of them anyways. We are doing everything under the sun (and hopefully not too much fog) and I will be sure to over document the occasion with excessive pictures as usual. I will try to blog throughout the week while the rest of my family plays games (unless it is a good one, I'm not a fan of Risk). If not I will leave one slamming post when I get back! Try not to miss me too much!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This weekend my goal was to tackle painting Cohen's room and while we had the brushes out I figured we would paint the entryway as well. We had a long day of working and a wedding to attend (in Denton by the way...ugg) so Saturday was out as far as getting anything accomplished goes. We went ahead and bought the paint supplies we would need that night so we could have everything ready when people arrived to partake in the paint party. We didn't actually buy the paint though since we were unsure of what exactly to buy so inevitably we had to go again on Sunday morning anyway. We did pick out colors so it wasn't a complete waste. Everyone came to help so we were sure it wouldn't take that long to get everything done...6 people and at least 8 hours later we were done. It looks so good if I do say so myself! Oh by the way Michael cooked everyone a lovely and delicious dinner while we worked on the paint (he had been previously banned for not being as anal...errr...I mean particular as I would have liked.) My next project, in between finishing up previous unfinished projects is to reorganize the kitchen, pantry, and laundry room as well as redo a lamp!

I love this color! It was a putrid yellow when we moved in 2 years ago but it was something I decided I could live with for a while (there were more urgent matters to attend to such as borders in the kitchen and bathroom and an awful blue denim room). I actually had no idea I truly hated it as much as I did until we painted it. I could cry it looks so much better. It actually feels like our home now.

I have to say though, that yellow sure was hard to paint over! It took 2 coats of a very thick paint. Bethany and Shawn kept calling it yogurt.

I am so excited Cohen's room is finally painted!! I love how good the colors came out. Mind you it was a hunter green before (also a little treat from the previous owners, but it was our "office" so we didn't care enough to paint it) which was also fun to paint over 15 times. I had nothing to do with this room, but my dad and my sister both rocked out the freehand and did all the trim work with no taping...impressive!

Thanks Bethany (and Shawn) for staying after 9 to paint the final trim coats since I couldn't get up on the ladder to do it myself.

That wall is actually navy if you can't tell from the pictures. We are going to paint stripes on it next (hopefully next weekend). The stripes will be the same color of navy but will be a matte finish. I hope it will be a subtle effect, but not invisible. I will try to post pictures of that when we get it done, if they show up. Keep your fingers crossed!

Week 26

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Doctors, glucose test, and the scale...oh my!!

Well I decided that I would write this little post to vent a little frustration (mostly at myself). I had my monthly doctors appointment today. I knew that taking my weight was first (I don't keep a scale at home so this is always a surprise). My May doctors visit I had only gained a whole 3 pounds since Jan. so I was thinking...hey...this is going to be a piece of cake. So I guess I jinxed myself because my appetite came back in full force and I gained a whopping 8 pounds at my June doctors visit. So that last appointment freaked me out and I started snacking on fruit and veggies instead of carb filled favorites. I guess I thought that small change would do the trick but when I went in for my July appointment today...BAM!...another 7 pounds! My goodness! So after that I had to guzzle a bottle of fruit punch flavored nast so they could take my blood an hour later to see if I am diabetic. Yeah, weigh a girl and then give her a bottle of sugar! What are they thinking? So I am officially freaking out and have decided that working out is going to be a must. Time to dust off the ol' elliptical (like I told you before I'm not much for the heat so going for a stroll in the park doesn't sound that good to me). So tonight I will me starting a daily workout routine with a light 30 minute walk on the eliptical followed by prenatal yoga (I bought the video after my 8 lb gain but obviously didn't think it was too urgent.) Fortunately Michael is super sweet and said that he would come up and lift weights while I did the elliptical to keep me company. He is always so encouraging and sweet. Everyone tells me not to worry but I do not want to be the size of a whale when I deliver this baby. Just pray with me that my weight gain will begin to level out to a more healthy rate of a pound a week. Ok, now that I vented I am off to the grocery store to by more fruits and veggies.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Say Can You See

This Fourth of July we were lucky enough to be invited to hang out with the Eason's in Rockwall. Unfortunately Michael had to work that day, but was able to join us around dinner time. We swam, looked at all the dogs (Nick's mom has A LOT of dogs), and man-o-man did I eat!! A well stocked pantry and never ending cheese dip was just too tempting for my non-calorie counting self. Whew! People were starting to talk, it was gross! Haha! I was glad to get out in the sun too, something I refuse to do if there is no water within jumping distance. I sure needed it, considering my skin has not been exposed to sunlight in around 6 months give or take. I wore a lot of sunscreen just in case so I only got a smidge of color. But hey...I'll take what I can get. We ended the day in the pool with our own personal firework show care of some very patriotic neighbors. It was a great day!

These are from a mini photo shoot by the pond

(this one is definitely my favorite!)

So sweet!

The boys enjoyed a few games of bean bag toss.

Carter with Dave and his cousins going for a ride.

Olivia is almost standing by herself!

Uh Oh!... Almost

She sure can skateboard though!

Carter was waiting patiently for the fireworks

(After Uncle Michael let him watch The Incredibles on his phone. Haha!)

The bombs bursting in air...

Sweet father-son moment

Everyone that went to watch the actual firework show.

(It was getting late, can you tell? I think the thrill was wearing off)

We got the under the stairs closet 2 steps closer to being finished!!

We have drywall and paint AND a light!! (Only needs baseboards and the trim needs painted!)

We got a new fan for Cohen's room!

Week 25

(Yeah, that's me with some color...yeah...)