Friday, July 24, 2009

California Dreaming...

Well, as most of you have mentioned I skipped my blog this week :( I want to apologize to those 2 of you out there (you know who you are) that have nothing better to do than to stalk my blog. Haha! At least someone is interested in my ramblings that I admit take a long time after redrafting at least 3 times. So the reason for this (hopefully one time) oversight is because we are going on vacation next week and the planning has consumed my very being!!! (I am a huge planner, almost to a fault) Oh, I am so excited!! Firstly, because I have been hoarding vacation for my maternity leave and I'm desperate for some time away from work. (Is saving 4 days considered hoarding?...I guess when you only get 10 a year it is.) Secondly, we are going to San Francisco! I have never been to California, or even west of Colorado for that matter and I can't wait (especially for the drastically cooler weather... I'm already starting to swell.) My Uncle John lives there so my entire family is going, well a ton of them anyways. We are doing everything under the sun (and hopefully not too much fog) and I will be sure to over document the occasion with excessive pictures as usual. I will try to blog throughout the week while the rest of my family plays games (unless it is a good one, I'm not a fan of Risk). If not I will leave one slamming post when I get back! Try not to miss me too much!!

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  1. Post as many pictures as possible. I live a totally vicarious life! You look great. I can't wait to meet Cohen. Such a precious family. Love you, DeeDee Whiles